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Homeday helps you with property acquisition

Property owners contact Homeday to find a suitable real estate agent to sell their property.

We analyse the relevant performance data of hundreds of real estate agents and recommend you if you are among the best.

With Homeday recommending you as a reliable real estate agent, the first step in builing trust towards the property owner is already been done.

Here is how you can be recommended

  1. Enhance your profile Are you one of the best brokerage companies in your region? Give us more information to enhance the profile of your brokerage company.

  1. We will generate a profile comparison The more information we have about your brokerage company, the easier it will be for us to assign you to an owner enquiry.

  1. Recommendation in case of good matching You will only be recommended if the data about your brokerage company optimally corresponds to the requirements of the customer.

The advantage of working with Homeday as a real estate agent – an overview

More orders and higher turnover You will receive new sales contacts through Homeday placements. This will not only help you increase your turnover, but expand your customer base steadily as well.

Properties that are perfectly suited to you We recommend you if you already have experience with similar properties in your area. No more long journeys and only properties that suit your property- and customerbase.

Sellers like to be contacted In many cases, sellers explicitly want you to contact them. You can immediately contact potential customers and win them over.

Property evaluation free of charge With every lead, you get a property evaluation from us, free of charge, which we use to collate important location information and price trends regarding the property for you.

Save a lot of time Thanks to our direct recommendation, you do not have to handle complex acquisition actions and so you have more time to concentrate on marketing.

Fixed contact person A fixed contact person from our Customer Consulting department will be assigned specially to you. They will support you during the entire selling process.

No running costs and no risk As a real estate agent, you do not incur any running costs. A commission is due only in cases of success.

Consolidate your brand If the owners are very satisfied with your performance, we will tag you as a top real estate agent with a seal. You can use it publicity on your homepage and it identifies you as one of the best local real estate agents.