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How much is your property
currently worth?

Use the free valuation of Homeday.

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High quality valuation

We will show you what prices you can achieve when selling or renting your property in the light of current market demand.


Detailed analysis

You will receive a comprehensive document in which we take into account both the location quality and the characteristics of your property - free of charge and without obligation.


Qualified valuation experts

Our leading team of data scientists, geo developers and real estate experts always adjusts the value of your property to the current market situation.


All over Germany

Using modern technologies, we process over seven million real estate offers in real time and compare them with your property.

High quality valuation

We determine a realistic value for your property. To this end, we first analyse the price development of recent years and the current trends in the immediate vicinity. Against this background, our experts assess the location and special characteristics of your property. This way you get a fair market price. We also use comparable properties to forecast how long the sale is expected to take.

Detailed analysis

The value of your property is not only determined by year of construction, size and the last modernizations. In our analysis we show you which additional factors are decisive. In addition to the current value of your property, we will also provide you with an outlook on future price developments in the immediate vicinity. Your personal contact person will guide you through the analysis and evaluate your property on site in detail.

Qualified valuation experts

We work with modern data processing and analysis methods such as machine learning. We use them to generate precise valuations and price trends in real time from more than seven million market data. On this basis, your personal on-site Homeday expert will determine a realistic price for your property. The interaction of modern technology and local market knowledge is crucial for your success. With the help of our detailed property valuation, we create the right marketing strategy for you - and you achieve the optimal price.

All over Germany

With the help of modern technologies, we analyze millions of online advertisements for you on the most popular real estate portals - daily and in real time. We cover more than 90 percent of real estate transactions in Germany over the past five years. Your valuation experts from Homeday can thus provide you with a reliable value for your property in the shortest possible time - anywhere in Germany. With our high-quality and free property valuation, we make a decisive contribution to making the property market more transparent.

Valuation in a few steps

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    Your property in profile

    Describe the characteristics and location of your property in a few minutes. If our experts have any questions about your data, please contact us by phone.

  2. 02

    Assessment of the location quality

    In order to precisely assess the location of your property, we take into account a variety of factors - from the connection to public transport, the noise level to the number of kindergartens and pharmacies in the immediate vicinity.

  3. 03

    Detailed evaluation of your property

    Your personal homeday expert records the details of your property and gives you a final price as part of an on-site evaluation. The results are compiled in a comprehensive document.

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Our customers rated our service 9.2.

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„The valuation is very detailed and exceeded my expectations: Detailed analysis of my property, location and price development. I now feel well informed and secure about what my property is worth.“

Joe K.

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„The evaluation was very detailed and extensive. This appealing compilation gave me a good overview and was therefore very helpful for me.“

Thies-Magnus W.

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„The service is convincing. Within a few hours I got the valuation for my property. I will undoubtedly continue to use the Homeday offer in the future.“

Patricia S.



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