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HOMEDAY is the next generation estate agent. Easier. Transparent. Digital. And cheaper. Because we believe: Good brokerage does not have to be expensive. Do you want to change the real estate market with us? Then join us on our growth course.
We are looking for people with a creative urge. People with an eye for the big picture - and the little detail that makes the difference. People who want to leave a lasting impression in a dynamic environment.

What's in real estate for me?

For many people, real estate is not something they have experience with, or deal on daily basis. It is, however, a land of big opportunities: real estate costs a lot and often carries personal value, and selling or buying real estate is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Dealing with real estate in Germany is a complicated process with lots of steps, paperwork, arrangements, and mediation. We believe that technology can make the painfully long process better and faster, and we work to make it happen!

What have we done so far?

  • built up four independent cross-functional teams. We are proud of our people and want them to develop and grow;

  • built an interactive map of rental and sell prices for properties, spanning the whole Germany;

  • built state-of-the-art ML-powered valuation/appraisal solutions to determine how much a property can be sold for;

  • built custom CRMs to support and streamline daily operations;

  • automated creation of PDFs documents that are a major part of the selling flow;

  • and more :)

What can you expect on the tech side of things?

Though our primary language is Ruby, we're not limiting ourselves to a single tech stack. We work / have worked with the following stuff:

  • Full-blown Rails apps

  • APIs with Ruby on Rails and Sinatra

  • APIs with AWS API Gateway, Lambda, and Javascript

  • APIs with Flask & Python

  • Geo data and related stuff (postgis, openmaptiles, mapbox)

  • Machine Learning with Xgboost and Treelite

  • Docker containers, ECS and CI/CD

We will take any other technology if it fits our task nicely.

What we need you to bring?


  • Ruby experience. We don't judge by the number of years, but we have certain proficiency expectations for junior, mid-level, and senior developers.

  • Culture fit. We're looking for a mix of open mind, curiousity, and an innate desire to build good things.


  • all of the above

  • PostgreSQL and MySQL experience

  • key-value stores like Redis

  • experience in building and troubleshooting APIs

  • Experience with AWS products

  • Devops knowledge

What we offer?

  • a chance to work on products that bring innovation to a conservative market

  • higher than average salary

  • work equipment of your choice

  • educational budget every quarter

  • a unique blend of both an established company and a startup

  • 30 days of vacation

  • Product Engineering week once a quarter: work on anything you want for a week, but present your results :)

  • flexible work times and home office

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Caroline Mekelburg

Caroline Mekelburg

Senior HR Manager