About Homeday

HOMEDAY is the next generation estate agent. Easier. Transparent. Digital. And cheaper. Because we believe: Good brokerage does not have to be expensive. Do you want to change the real estate market with us? Then join us on our growth course.

We are looking for people with a creative urge. People with an eye for the big picture - and the little detail that makes the difference. People who want to leave a lasting impression in a dynamic environment.

How we roll

You will join our Frontend Engineering team. On a daily basis, we are organized in product squads, which consist of frontend engineers, backend engineers, designers, product managers and possibly other professionals that are needed for a squad to work independently (ML, GIS,....). Currently we have 5 squads, focusing on different areas from customer experience to internal processes.

Some of the things, we’ve more recently worked on:

  • Implementing property listings on our website, where buyers can get in direct contact with us

  • Implementing flow for property sellers, so they can book an appointment with us directly online

  • Automatization of document generation (auto pdf generation from web) with Chrome and Puppeteer

  • Creating a customer web application to manage selling processes, have an overview of their property selling process and have full transparency in the process itself

  • And much more… :)

We also like to write about things that we do. You can check out our Link for much more information.


We use full Scrum, with 2 week sprints, including daily scrum meetings (between 10am - 11am), sprint planning, story telling, sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives.
We use Jira as our project management tool.
In our frontend team, we follow the Link and use CI and CD for all our products.

Tech stack

Javascript is a major part of our stack. Specifically, we rely on VueJS a lot and encourage using modern Javascript - ES6, ES7.
Link and do not rely on any CSS framework - nor do we want to. We follow BEM for structuring styles and use SCSS as our preprocessor of choice.
On most of our projects we use webpack and all the standard build tools and extensions, that you would normally expect.

We offer

  • A data-driven, agile environment where good ideas flourish - Got a good idea? Let’s test it!

  • Professional support in regards to visa processes, authorities - we'll make relocating as easy as possible

  • Large development opportunities in a rapidly growing and well-funded startup - we’re growing quite fast, so there is a lot of room to take charge

  • We’re family-friendly and offer you flexible working hours - flexibly to adjust your schedule, no strict start or end time. We understand that time spent in the office does not equate to productivity.

Your Tasks

  • Develop, test and deploy new exciting products and features in small, cross-functional teams and build state-of-the-art web applications with the newest technology in a real-time context

  • Help define our core APIs that power our frontend applications to provide great UX to our users

  • Work alongside our UX designers to translate mockups and wireframes into elegant and responsive experiences for our customers - they appreciate it!

  • Understand our business processes and help optimizing them. Our business consists of many moving parts, so there’s always room for improvement.

-Drive greenfield and established products, take full ownership and deliver continuous value to our users

  • Improve and define products architecture. How can we serve our users faster? Better? Found a code patterns that we can reuse? Great, let’s make it happen!

  • Work on cross squads infrastructure to help bring our frontend team to the next level

  • Mentor less experienced team members and help them grow

Your Profile

  • You have 5+ years of experience in frontend development

  • You have a strong knowledge on patterns and methodologies and like to share your ideas to improve the team's skills and culture

  • You can work independently and understand the bigger picture of how your work contributes to the overall company success

  • You can mentor junior team members and help them grow

  • You have worked with SPAs (e.g.: Vue, Angular, React, Ember,...) for at least 3+ years and understand vanilla javascript and how the language works

  • You are comfortable with CSS pre-processors and understand the benefits of using CSS methodology

  • You understand the benefits of semantic HTML and apply this to your daily work

  • You love to learn new things, attention to details and open communicator - we have high quality standards and are always looking to improve.

Nice to have

  • Experience with VueJS

  • Experience using Design Systems and building component library

  • You are comfortable with agile development methodologies such as SCRUM or KANBAN

  • Experience with Javascript testing frameworks such as Jest, Cypress, Nightwatch, Headless Chrome,...

  • Familiar with PHP

Have a question?

You can always reach out directly through email to our recruiter (email on right side).

What we offer

  • A data-driven, agile environment where good ideas flourish - Got a good idea? Let’s test it!
  • Above average compensation package, working equipment of your choice
  • Large development opportunities in a rapidly-growing and well-funded startup
  • We’re family-friendly and offer you flexible working hours
  • Help us change the way how properties are sold and significantly improve the process for buyers and sellers

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Caroline Mekelburg

Caroline Mekelburg

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