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We analyse millions of property listings and real estate agent evaluations. This is how we find the best real estate agent for your property.

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Our service is completely free and non-binding. It’s up to you whether you wish to collaborate with the suggested real estate agents.

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No tedious searches – with us, you’ll find the best real estate agent for your property with minimum effort and in the shortest possible time.


How you easily find a suitable real estate agent

  1. What type of property is it?

Enter your property details into our form above to start comparing agents.

  1. We will find a suitable agent free of charge

We will analyse the data on leading property portals to find real estate agents, who have sold similar properties in your neighbourhood at the best prices.

  1. You select a real estate agent

We discuss your real estate preferences with you. You then receive up to three customised real estate agent recommendations via email, to suit your property and requirements.

Sell your property faster and at a higher price

Up to 20% higher selling price

After analysing millions of property listings and real estate agent evaluations, we identify the real estate agents who can best market your property and already have a large number of prospective buyers. Thanks to our real estate recommendations, you can then quote a selling price that is up to 20% higher.

Sell faster

If a property is on the market for too long, it loses its appeal. This not only costs you time, but also real money. We find the real estate agents who can sell your property quickly. To do this, we analyse the average number of days that a real estate agent needs to market properties online. This helps you save time and money.

We show you the best real estate agents based on facts

The best real estate agent for your property is the one who has already successfully sold the most properties which are similar to yours:

  • same or similar neigbourhood
  • same or similar price range
  • similar property type

The real estate agents we find for you have the greatest experience with your type of property in the market and help sell your property quickly and at the best price.

Checklist – These tasks does a realtor take over

  • He determines a market-oriented offer price
  • He prepares the sales documents
  • He takes care of all the advertising measures and pays the costs
  • He selects prospective buyers
  • He prepares the purchase contract and coordinates appointments with the notary
  • In most cases, real estate agents are generating a higher selling price than private sellers
  • A good broker finances himself
  • He can advise you legally
  • He creates a goodl exposition
  • He coordinates visits and conducts them
  • He checks the buyer's creditworthiness
  • He can arrange for you the transfer with the new owners or tenants

Use Homeday’s free of charge real estate agent comparison

Many owners are unsure about the real estate agent best suited to market their property. A real estate agent comparison may be practical at this point. Unlike a recommendation from a friend, our real estate agent comparison is based on an objective analysis where we compare the performance of different real estate agents in Germany. This includes a comprehensive quality check and analysis of properties sold previously by the real estate agent. The agent’s experience in the neighbourhood and with specific property types in the corresponding price range is taken into account.

Out of these, we filter those real estate agents who are already experienced with properties that are comparable with yours in terms of location and furnishings, and those who have received the best real estate agent evaluations in the past. All the real estate agents recommended by us are also checked and evaluated individually by our consultants. Our real estate agent recommendation comes at no extra cost. You decide whether you wish to work with one of the recommended real estate agents. Our service is free of charge for you as a property owner.