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Auch in der Corona-Krise sind wir für Sie da: Alles Wissenswerte, FAQ und Analysen im Newsbereich.

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Why sell with Homeday?

We offer: 100% brokerage service, 0% commission pain

Experienced brokers

Our Homeday brokers come from your region and have known the local real estate market for many years.

Full service

Your local broker will assist you every step of the way: from evaluation and application to key handover.

No sales commission

The entire service is free with a homeday broker for sellers. Even buyers pay less commission than usual.

Get to know your Homeday agent

  • Turgut Durus
    Turgut Durus
  • Anne Hergeselle
    Anne Hergeselle
    Magdeburg Süd
  • Bernd Kapferer
    Bernd Kapferer
  • Rene Reise
Unfortunately there is no Homeday broker in your region yet.
Our Homeday agents already work at many locations throughout Germany, but unfortunately not yet in your postcode area ||zip_code||. Until we are personally on site for you, we recommend a competent colleague from our Partner network. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee that he will also sell your property at the Homeday conditions.
Over 100 homeday agents are personally on site for you.Over 100 homeday agents are personally on site for you.Over 100 Homeday agents are personally on site for you.
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vor 253 tagen

„Wir sind zufällig auf Homeday gestoßen und sind sehr froh darüber. Wir hatten ein Reihenhaus in Franken zu verkaufen und wohnen selbst im Rhein-Main-Gebiet, dass macht es natürlich schwierig über d...“

Kundin März 2017

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vor 260 tagen

„Herzlichen Dank für die schnelle bearbeitung meiner Anfrage. Als Anhang habe ich die PDF Datei erhalten mit sehr umfangreichen Informationen.“

Letti 01

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vor 253 tagen

„Ich hatte einen netten freundlichen jungen Mann als Makler und alles ging sehr schnell. Immer wieder“

Martin MIchael Kunkies

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vor 254 tagen

„Unkompliziert, übersichtlich und kompetent. Danke für ihre Hilfe über weitere Entfernung. Freundliche Mitarbeiter und Makler.“

A. Klenk

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vor 275 tagen

„Mir wurden innerhalb eines Tages zwei Makler vorgeschlagen meine TEL Nr weitergegeben. Beide Makler meldeten sich bei mir. Einer war ein Volltreffer. Also sehr gute Arbeit von Homeday bei der Auswa...“

Meike Ammer

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vor 255 tagen

„Der Verkauf ging reibungslos zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit über die Bühne. Der erzielte Preis überstieg meine Erwartungen. Vielen Dank. Bernd Hausmann“

Bernd Hausmann

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vor 256 tagen

„Die Mitarbeiterin war sehr kompetent. Es war sehr angenehm, mit ihr das geschäftliche zu regeln. Sie hat mir viel Arbeit abgenommen, sowie mich bei der Entscheidung unterstützt. Dabei war sie niema...“

Heinz Wuggazer

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vor 257 tagen

„Die drei vorgeschlagenen Makler machten alle einen ambitionierten und Kompetenten Eindruck. Der beauftragte Makler verkaufte das Haus binnen drei Wochen zu einem für Alle zufriedenstellenden Preis....“

Cpt Books

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vor 284 tagen

„Homeday hat mir innerhalb kürzester Zeit einen Makler vermittelt und die Wohnung wurde schnell und zu einem akzeptablen Preis verkauft. Etwas anstrenged ist allerdings, dass man sowohl von Homeday ...“

Nicole Arbter

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vor 259 tagen

„Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,ich hatte es nur auf Facepook gelesen und dachte mir ,eine Bewertung ist doch auch mal gut.So habe ich nur kuze Information gegeben und es ging los. Bis zum Verkauf (h...“

Nietzsche Henri

Over 1,000 excellent reviews

How we sell your property

  1. 01

    Precise property valuation

    You start with our free and non-binding evaluation. Our estate agents will check your location, equipment, condition, expected yield - taking into account all relevant factors for a well-founded real-estate valuation.
    valuation. This is how we determine the optimal selling price.

  2. 02

    You decide if you want to instruct us

    You will receive from us all relevant information for a well-founded decision, free of charge and without obligation. You decide whether you would like to commission us with the sale. With your consent, we'll get started right away.

  3. 03

    Convenient and free of charge: Our document service

    We will provide you with all the necessary documents for the sale free of charge: from the land register extract to the energy certificate. Depending on the type of building, this will save you several hundred euros.

  4. 04

    High-quality exposé, prominent application

    Professional photos, high-quality texts, a detailed floor plan: We create an attractive exposé for you and advertise it on all relevant portals such as Immobilienscout24 and Immowelt - as well as via our Homeday database with 50,000 potential buyers.

  5. 05

    Viewings and price negotiations

    It goes without saying that we take over the entire communication with potential buyers for you: We are on site for all viewing appointments and conduct price negotiations in your interest.

  6. 06

    Sales progress always in view

    Via our exclusive sales portal "Mein Homeday" you always have an overview of your sales progress. Daily reports are available for you at any time - from home or on the road.

  7. 07

    A successful sale

    We have found the right buyer? Then we will organise a notary appointment and hand over the keys. As a rule, the sales process only takes a few months, depending on the situation and market situation. In many cases, the price achieved exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Frequently asked questions

How can Homeday offer such a low commission?

The answer is relatively simple. Homeday brokers only do what they do best. They advise clients and broker real estate. Homeday brokers save themselves the time-consuming and expensive search for new customers: They don't distribute flyers, design advertisements or telephone lists.

What can be annoying for you as the owner, is above all inefficient for the broker. While he is doing acquisition, he cannot pursue his actual business. He cannot broker real estate. It is not uncommon for an estate agent in Germany to sell only a handful of properties a year. Only through high commission rates is this business profitable.

Homeday does not need a high commission to be profitable. Word gets around quickly that we are completely free of charge for sellers. Already today we are the fourth largest real estate broker in Germany. We do not mediate a handful of real estates in the year. But over thousand. Thus remains under the line more for all. For our brokers. For buyers and sellers. Despite - or because of - the low commission.

Does less commission mean less performance?

Clear answer: No. We know that the sale of real estate is one of the most important decisions in life and only the best service is good enough. We want to live up to this claim at all times.

That's why we have adapted real estate sales to real customer interests, simplified processes and developed useful technology - for the benefit of sellers, buyers and brokers. This saves money for everyone involved. In our business model, our homeday brokers also save time-consuming cold calling and thus have more time for the individual support of their customers.

So we offer everything a good broker should offer - and more.

Does "free for seller" really mean free?

Yes, there are no hidden costs for you as a seller on Homeday. The complete Homeday service - from property valuation to key handover - is completely free for you. We will even provide you with all the documents you need for the sale at no extra cost: from the land register extract to the energy certificate. Depending on the type of building, you can save up to an additional 300 euros with us.

Who are your homeday brokers?

In our selection process, we rely on expertise, passion and customer understanding. Our homeday brokers have known their local real estate market for many years. Many of them have made a name for themselves in established offices and have now consciously chosen Homeday to have more time for their clients. Most of them have successfully completed a specialist education in the real estate sector, share our high standards of service, love their profession and now want to change the real estate market with us. More than 100 Homeday brokers are already personally on site for you today. Find out here whether there is already a homeday broker in your region.

Are you sure you can get a good price for me?

It would be untrustworthy to promise in advance that we will always get the "best price" for you. Nobody can guarantee that. What we can promise is a well-founded valuation of your property as well as highly qualified and personal support throughout the entire process. We rely on the local market knowledge of our estate agents on the one hand and on our renowned price analysis tools on the other, which also use leading media such as Wirtschaftswoche and Handelsblatt. In this way, we always determine the optimum offer price for you - the best conditions for a quick and reliable sale at the best possible price. The fact is: In many cases, the price achieved exceeds the expectations of our customers. On the independent evaluation platform Trustpilot you will find over 1,000 positive experience reports.

How much commission do I save with a Homeday agent?

Postcode of your property

Selling price in €


Saved commission

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This is an example calculation. Please enter the postcode of your property,
to calculate your personal savings.
We recommend a partner broker from our network in the postcode area of your property. He will evaluate your property free of charge. When selling with this partner, the commission may differ from the Homeday commission.
  • You pay for Homedayfor Homeday 0 %.
  • Your buyer pays ||hd_buyer_commission||| % instead of ||usual_buyer_commission|| %.
  • You pay for Homedayfor Homeday 0 %.
  • Your buyer pays ||hd_buyer_commission||| % instead of ||usual_buyer_commission|| %.