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Selling real estate
without commission pain

Free for sellers. Less commission for buyers.

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Ein guter Maklerservice muss nicht teuer sein

You sell with an experienced broker from your region

Our Homeday brokers come from your region and have known the local real estate market for many years. They will be at your side on site as your personal contact person at every step of the sale.

You and the buyer save thousands of dollars in commission.

Owners do not pay a cent when selling property with a Homeday agent - neither an agent's commission nor any other fee. Even buyers pay less commission than usual and thus have more money available for their new property.

They always sell at the best possible price

We combine local market knowledge with our renowned price analyses. In this way, we always determine the optimum offer price for you - the best conditions for a quick and at the same time serious sale.

You benefit from excellent service.

Our customers rate our service on average with the top rating "Outstanding" on the Trustpilot rating portal. They particularly appreciate the transparency, professionalism, commitment and competence of our brokers. Convince yourself:

Get to know your local homeday agentGet to know your
local homeday agent
Get to know your
local Homeday agent

  • Rene Reise
  • Turgut Durus
    Turgut Durus
  • Anne Hergeselle
    Anne Hergeselle
    Magdeburg Süd
  • Bernd Kapferer
    Bernd Kapferer
  • Laura Kießhauer
Unfortunately there is no Homeday broker in your region yet.
Our Homeday brokers already work at many locations throughout Germany, but unfortunately not yet in your postcode area . Until we are personally on site for you, we recommend a competent colleague from our partner network free of charge. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee that he will also sell your property at homeday conditions.
Over 100 Homeday agents with excellent ratings
are on site for you.
Over 100 Homeday agents with excellent ratings are on site for you.Over 100 Homeday agents with excellent ratings are on site for you.

vor 45 tagen

„Ich habe umgehend 2 ortsansässige Makler vorgeschlagen bekommen. Der Makler meiner Wahl hat innerhalb kürzester Zeit einen Käufer für meine Wohnung vermittelt. Ich bin mit dem Service von Homeday...“

Wilfried Losch

vor 47 tagen

„Sehr guter Service und Kontakt. Schnelle Erreichbarkeit. Verkauf ohne Schwierigkeiten und schnell abgewickelt. Hier kann man schon von einem Rundum-Sorglos-Paket sprechen. Zu 100 % weiter zu empfeh...“

Christian K.

vor 47 tagen

„Ab der Auftragsvergabe ging der Verkauf innerhalb eines halben Jahres relativ schnell über die Bühne.“

Rosetta Piranio

vor 48 tagen

„Ich kann diesen "Immobilien Makler - Homeday", insbesondere Frau Praß, absolut weiterzuempfehlen. Das Engagement, von Frau Praß möchte ich besonders hervorheben, da sie zu jeden Zeitpunkt der Verka...“

Werner Hein

vor 48 tagen

„Sehr netter Kontakt , kurze Wartezeiten alle Anliegen werden umgehend bearbeitet. Support reagiert Zeitnah . Keine Probleme , reibungsloser Ablauf . Kann Homeday nur weiterempfehlen . Ein Dank an...“

Christian Schulze

vor 49 tagen

„Fast ein Jahr hatte ein anderer Makler versucht unsere Wohnung zu verkaufen. Dann war es genug, Wir haben uns umgehört, und die Wohnung an Homeday zum Verkauf übergeben. Frau Estel hat die Wohnung ...“

Anton Leitl

vor 50 tagen

„Rundum zufrieden! Die Auswahl an Maklern welche Homeday UMGEHEND zusandte war perfekt. Ich konnte daraus "meinen" Makler (und das sei hier nicht verschwiegen: Es war die BURKART Immobilien GmbH in ...“

Rolf Marti

vor 51 tagen

„Tatsächlich einen Bewertung ohne Verpflichtungen und ständigen anrufen. Jetzt kann Mann entscheiden wie es weiter gehen sollte selbst ohne Druck. Tolles Firma Einstellung.“

Eddie Anderson

vor 52 tagen

„Freundlicher Kontakt. Die gemachten Zusagen wurden termingerecht eingehalten. Die Makler sind sehr proaktiv und freundlich“


vor 54 tagen

„Ich bin mit allem sehr zufrieden gewesen. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Frau Praschtil ist sehr, sehr angenehm gewesen. Die Übergabe an den neuen Mieter muss noch am 23.05.2019 erfolgen.“

Wolfgang Herhold

More then 1000 reviews

Our customers' most frequently asked questions

Is there a homeday agent near me?

Homeday brokers are already on site for you at around 90 locations throughout Germany. And it's growing month by month. If there is no Homeday broker in your area, we recommend a competent colleague from our partner network free of charge. In such a case, however, we cannot guarantee that he will also sell your property at homeday conditions.

Homeday get a good price for me, too?

Of course I do. Our goal is to sell your property at the best possible price. To this end, our experienced local estate agents assess the location, condition and equipment of your property and prepare a well-founded valuation. In order to find the optimal price, they also include the price analysis of our data experts in their evaluation. Our analyses are trusted not only by our homeday brokers, but also by many daily and business newspapers such as Die Welt, Wirtschaftswoche and Handelsblatt.

How quickly can Homeday sell my property?

It all depends on your goals and the sales strategy. On average, we sell a property within three months.

What if I'm not even sure I want to sell yet?

Our free property valuation is designed to help you make an informed decision about the sale of your property. Following the valuation, we show you whether the sale is currently worthwhile and advise you on possible marketing strategies. Only then do you decide whether you would like to commission Homeday with the sale.

Does less commission mean less performance?

No, with Homeday you get exactly the performance you expect from a good broker: We evaluate your property, market it on prominent portals, obtain all the documents necessary for the sale, carry out inspections, negotiate the sales price for you. We check the sales contract and the creditworthiness of the buyer, accompany you to the notary and finally hand over the keys to the new owner.

How much commission do you save

with a Homeday agent?

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Saved commission

This is an example calculation. Please enter the postcode of your property,
to calculate your personal savings.
We recommend a partner broker from our network in the postcode area of your property. He will evaluate your property free of charge. When selling with this partner, the commission may differ from the homeday commission.
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  • You pay for Homedayfor Homeday 0 %.
  • Your buyer pays | % instead of %.
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„Homeday is the first point of contact for real estate sales on the Internet in Germany.“
„Property owners can enter the address of a property and immediately receive a well-founded price estimate.“
„To determine the optimal sales price, Homeday combines the know-how of its agents with innovative data analysis.“
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